Tericon: Contractors - Interior Specialists

We can provide a "Turn-key" design and construction service. 

In this role, we undertake the responsibility of all design work, construction work, purchase of materials and equipment for the project. The client would be asked to approve work at regular intervals as milestones of the project and pay for work completed. We recommend this particular method as appropriate for small to medium size projects and is suitable for the busy owner who does not wish to devote a lot of his own time and energy to the project.

Alternatively, we can undertake work as Main Contractor or as a sub-contractor.

Our service can be provided for small to medium sized building or civil engineering projects. Depending on the nature of the project, Haycox and Associates can either carry out the work or select a suitable contractor from among our associated companies. The option exists also to appoint us as the main contractor in a "Management Contracting" role.

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