Tericon: Contractors - Interior Specialists

Tericon Company Limited was formed in 2002 as a support company for Haycox and Associates that was created out of the need to separate our design and project management service from our construction projects.

Prior to that time construction work was also undertaken by Haycox & Associates and the primary aim of the two separate companies was to have 2 dedicated teams of specialists to provide some flexibility while also supporting each other when the needs arose.

Tericon are interested to undertake projects from 1 Million Baht to 200 Million Baht.

Tericon has now completed or are currently engaged upon over 100 separate projects. (The major Project References current 2020 are provided in the pages that follow).

  • In 2008 Tericon established our own furniture workshop to manufacture built in furniture and loose items for our projects

  • In 2015 despite the poor economy we exceeded our targets for the year and significantly improved in turnover from 2014 . We are always ready for new challenges and to increase our expansion into new markets and locations in SE Asia .


Tericon’s ongoing commitment: 

  • To deliver top quality work to the Client's satisfaction in accordance with the project specifications and time schedule and all at a competitive price.
  • We are committed to maintain our reputation as one of the leading contractors for quality work in the residential, hospitality and commercial markets.
  • We intend to maintain and consolidate our reputation as one of the leading contractors for quality work in the residential and commercial markets.



  • We strive to please and provide a comprehensive and diligent service.

  • We are attentive to the smallest detail.

  • Our site supervisory staff are good team leaders and closely supervise all our work.

  • We employ only skilled tradesmen and operatives.

  • Our management team have an excellent track record over many years in the construction industry in this country and abroad.

  • We keep abreast of market trends.

  • We are attentive to ongoing research and new products in our industry

  • We have an extensive reference library and material samples.

  • We complete on time, on cost and quality is assured.

  • We have excellent references from our clients.

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